Le and Ro Electric Inc, is a uniquely qualified construction company specializing in the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical applications with a combined total of over 40 years experience. 


Le and Ro Electric Inc. services has 40 years of combined experience in all types of machinery from large too small. we work with your company’s technical support team and engineers to ensure your equipment is properly wired & safely installed. Each one of our technicians have the education, experience and capabilities to perform any type of industrial electrical task, whether it be major shutdowns, new constructions or relocation and have the familiarity of working in some of the most complex industrial operating environments. Our technicians can be trusted for all your industrial electrical service needs.


We understand that service interruptions are an inconvenience and cost you productivity so we focus on providing expedient services to get you back online as soon as possible without risking the safety of your valuable electrical equipment.

Electrical Vehicles

Le and Ro Electric Inc can provide your charging Stations Installation for any Vehicle Brand.

Multi Family

Le and Ro Electric Inc can replace your old, defective fuse or breaker main service meter block, that may have numerous electrical code violations and are possible unsafe and fire hazards. Le and Ro Electric Inc can correct pre-existing code violations. Our expert commercial, industrial and Residential electricians are trained in troubleshooting electrical wiring problems at homes, business facilities, Industries and offices. Our electricians are licensed and experienced


Le and Ro Electric Inc is equipped to handle all of your residential electrical service needs, including installations, repairs, remodels, new construction and immediate emergency response. We are licensed welcomes residential projects. We wire and install lights, outlets, outlets appliances, ceiling fans, and flat screens; We can wire and add circuits to a, hot tub, patio, deck areas. We also run power to out buildings, garages and sprinkler systems.

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